Let us help you

Before you book Playback for your event, here are a few questions you might want answered.

I’ve tried to cover everything in these FAQs but I’m always happy to discuss any other details you might have considered. My blog also offers loads of advice for booking the best live band.

Just like you, we want your event to be a successful party that your guests remember for years.

How long will Playback be on stage?

We normally play two hour-long sets with a 20-minute break in between. But if you require something different, let’s have a chat. We can tailor our performance/s to suit your event. In each set, we usually aim to fit in between 18 and 20 songs.

Do Playback take song requests?

Absolutely yes! We want your guests to fill the dancefloor, and we’ll play the songs that make them get up and dance. We’ll happily take requests from you and your guests during the party and will accommodate as many as we possibly can (even if they’re not on our repertoire list).

Can I choose the songs that the band plays?

Again, it’s a big yes. On our website you’ll see a “clients’ area”. Just ask us for a sign-in code to this section of the site and you’ll be directed to our system where you can select the songs that you want the band to play on your evening.

I’d rather the band chose the songs. Is that OK?

Yes, of course. We know how to read an audience; we respond to your guests and we’ll do everything we can to keep as many people on the dancefloor as possible. We’re more than happy for you to leave the song choices up to us.

Can the band help me write my playlist? How many songs do I need to choose?

Yes, of course. I’ll give you all the help and guidance you need to ensure that you’re 100% happy with your song selection.

When do I have to send you my playlist?

We need the definitive playlist no later than a month before your event.

What happens in between sets? I don’t want silence.

In between sets, the choice is yours: either you can create your own playlist on your iPod/iPad and we can play it out through our speakers, or you can tell us your preferred songs from out database and we can create a bespoke playlist using our virtual DJ system.  

Alternatively, if you’ve booked a DJ as well as a band, put us in touch with them and we can discuss options for sharing equipment.


How much space do you need to perform?

For our six-piece set-up, we think the optimum space is 4m x 3m.


Do I need to provide any equipment – for example, lights or a PA system?

No! Playback are completely self-contained! We have our own lights and PA (this could save you more than £600 if you had to book them yourself). You don’t need to worry about chasing around looking for plug sockets when you should be partying!

How long does it take the band to set up?

We normally allow an hour and a half, but if you require an early set-up we can do this. Just let us know. (Our absolute minimum set-up time is an hour.)

How far are you prepared to travel?

We’ve played all over the world; we’ll travel as far as we need to!

What do Playback need to know before the party?

There are a few details it’s always good to know. For example, what’s the access to the venue like? Can we park easily? Where will we be able to get changed at the venue? Also, some marquees and venues have noise-limiting devices so it’s useful for us to know about these.

How much do you charge?

An important question! We know that every event we play is unique. So we quote for everything on an individual basis, allowing us to give you the best value package, taking into account the size of band you’d like, distance of travel to your event and how long you’d like us to play.

What about hidden extras and VAT?

Playback are as yet not VAT-registered. We’ll bring everything we need to make your party truly memorable. Our only request is a small rider consisting of a simple meal, soft drinks, somewhere to change and parking at the venue.


When I ring you up, who will I speak to?

You’ll speak to me, Caron Robinson. The mobile number I’ve listed on this website (07900 695987) is my actual phone number! I’ll be dealing with every detail of our performance at your special event. I’ve been running the band (and playing saxophone) for more than 15 years and I’ve got loads of experience in all sorts of venues.


Can I pay a deposit to secure a specific date?

Yes! A booking fee confirms Playback will play at your event.


When is payment due?

After you have secured your booking, there is no fee due until seven days before the event.

Is Playback insured and the band’s equipment safety-tested?

Yes, Playback holds full public liability insurance and equipment is “PAT” safety-tested.

Are you proper divas? Do I need to provide a room full of feathers and expensive mineral water?

No! Our only requirements are parking, changing facilities, a simple meal and soft drinks. 

Who is my contact on the day of the party itself?

Your contact is either me, Caron, or our frontman James. There’ll be plenty of time before the party for us to be able to build up a relationship with your contact.

What happens if you break down en route to my party?

Playback have NEVER been late for any of our 1000+ events. We have a comprehensive roadside-assistance policy in place which, if needed, will ensure your event will run smoothly. 

Can I see the band play live before we book them?

Well… there’s a difference of opinion about this. Some wedding magazines and websites think you should see a band play live at another wedding first. We disagree – imagine strangers turning up at your wedding just to see the band! We really appreciate this and therefore don’t ask our wedding couples if we can bring guests.

Believe it or not, a real, professional wedding/events/party band won’t need to play pubs and clubs as they’ve got enough work without doing that. So instead here’s a link to our video – which shows you our wide range of If you like, we can also send you Youtube links of our band members playing for Kylie, Gloria Gaynor, Il Divo, All Saints and in the resident band on The Voice.