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An amazing party needs amazing music.

If you’re planning a party, wedding or corporate event, you want your guests to have a fantastic time.

 If your guests don’t want to stop dancing, they’ll remember your event as being a brilliant party.


A playlist can’t feel the atmosphere like a live party band can. Only a live party band like

Playback can give your event a “soundtrack” that keeps your guests on the dance floor.

We’re experienced musicians; we’ll select the songs that keep your guests on the dance floor – and keep playing more of them!




Playback VII

Seven Piece Band



Live demo

5 piece

4 piece

10 piece band

6 piece

3 piece

6 piece

6 piece

Britpop solo


Playback’s repertoire is packed with iconic pop songs – from today back to the 1960s.

We’re a covers band with a sophisticated edge, with between six and 10 members – it’s your choice – with male and female lead vocals, saxophone, keyboards, bass, guitar and drums.

Our musicians aren’t pub singers or talent-show rejects. They regularly perform with international artists from Kylie Minogue and Beyoncé to Gloria Gaynor and Il Divo.


Hire a band - hire PLAYBACK

Over the past decade, Playback has gained the reputation for creating a euphoric party atmosphere.

Our charismatic frontman James Robinson brings your event to life and, coupled with the stunning vocals of Lorna Blackwood, we guarantee an exhilarating atmosphere. Our good vibes project from the stage to the dancefloor, creating a remarkable party ambience.

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We’re responsive and will create a vibe that keeps the party happening. More than that, we’re friendly, approachable and – above all – professional.

Our members have toured with the world’s biggest artists. Playback have played across the globe and have a reputation for always filling the dance floor. We’ve performed at major awards events, celebrity weddings and corporate parties – but all that matters when we’re playing for you is YOUR event and YOUR guests!

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